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professional junk liberation service in progress

At Portland Junk Liberation, we are dedicated towards being the most comprehensive source of junk removal services, anywhere within the city of Portland. Our hardworking team work each and every day, to be able to fulfil the needs of our wide range of different clients. Across both the residential and commercial sectors, we deliver our reliable services, completely tailored to the needs of each task. But no matter what, we can always promise that the service will be delivered to the highest standard, with speed and efficiency, and a guaranteed immediate impact.

When you come to us, you know that we are going to be able to deliver on your need, every time. In residential spaces, we are able to help with as big or small of a clear out, as you need. Included in that, is our ability to work in either indoor or outdoor spaces, and we are even able to deliver our more specialized hoarder service. At the same time, for our valued commercial clients, there is very little that we cannot be of assistance with. We are able to remove just about any type of material, product or piece of equipment, and have it responsibly disposed of, with one of our trusted, local waste handling partners. So, the next time you are looking for any support with junk removal, you know you will always be able to count on us, through one of the following, great services:

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