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Bagster Alternative

bagster alternative service in progress

Many people make the purchase of a brand new Bagster, thinking that it is going to help liberate their junk issue. It seems like a bargain, being able to purchase a new Bagster for between $30 and $40, for it then to be collected when you need it. However, the one thing that many people don’t know, is that they are still going to have to pay a much higher amount for the collection itself. Many are misled into thinking they will only have the one-time cost, in the store. However, this is certainly very far from the truth. Instead, you could end up paying much more, each and every time you need a collection, which could really leave you out of pocket. But luckily for you, we, at Portland Junk Liberation, are able to provide you with our reliable Bagster alternative service.

Why Choose Our Alternative?
So many other Portland residents have made the wise decision to start using our Bagster alternative service, instead of Bagster themselves. That is because, we deliver a superior service, for a much more affordable price. All we want to be able to do, is help you keep your junk issue in check, without it having to cost you any more than it should. We’ll always be glad to come and make a swift pickup of your Bagster and we’ll make sure that all of its contents are disposed of responsibly. All you need to do is pick up the phone and we will be glad to come and deliver you with our quality service.

Using Your Bagster
Your Bagster is a 3 cubic yard bag, which is available to collect any sort of trash or debris. When you use your typical Bagster, usually this space is going to limit you to no more than 3300lbs. For many people, that isn’t going to be sufficient and when it is only a slight bit heavier, it can be a real issue with Bagster. With us however, that never needs to be a concern. If your Bagster is slightly overfilled or is overweight at all, we are never going to turn you away. All you need to do is fill it up with as much as you need, leave out the front of your house and we will be there to get rid of all of the contents.

On Demand Collection
We are available whenever you need us, for your Bagster collection. Whether you are doing some home renovations or you are clearing out your backyard, we know that it is going to be important to you, that you are able to have your bag collected, on demand. By choosing to work with us, that is exactly what you get.

Superior Prices
At the same time, we can guarantee you far superior prices for the collection of your bagster. Our flat collection rate will always be as stated, with no hidden fees. So, when you call us to take care of your Bagster, you know you are always getting the full service, for the very best prices around.

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