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Lot Clearing

lot clearing in progress

When you first purchase a piece of land, we don’t doubt that you can clearly visualize the plans that you have for its development. However, before you are going to be able to even start laying the foundations, you need to make sure that nothing is going to get in your way. For example, if there are any trees and their roots hanging around, these could seriously inhibit your build. Which is why, you are first going to need to have your lot cleared. You are going to need the services of your best local team of professionals, who can execute an effective lot clearing job. Luckily for you, you know you are always going to be able to count on us, at Portland Junk Liberation.

Tree and Foliage Clearing
One of the worst things that you can try to work around are overgrown plants and sprawling roots. It makes any job difficult and can even be a danger to your build, in many cases. Which is why, you are going to want to make sure all of your trees, shrubs, foliage and roots are all cleared away. When you enlist our services for your lot clearing task, we’ll make sure that all of these things are done completely. You can count on us to make swift and effective removals of all-natural features, without doing any harm to the land.

Tires and Auto Parts
Old auto parts and unused tires are hard to get rid of, which means plenty of people just leave them out of sight, to build up. When you buy a new lot of land, you don’t want any of that being left to remain. Which is why, you are going to need to have them professionally dealt with. So, give our team a call and have us lend a hand, by taking care of their complete disposal. We’ll ensure that each unique piece of junk is disposed of properly, in the most ecologically conscious way.

Old Furniture
Trying to get rid of any old pieces of furniture from your lot can be a hassle. You don’t want to have to deal with the many trips you would have to make, back and forth, between the junk site – and you shouldn’t have to. Instead, you should be trusting in our lot clearing services. We would be glad to handle the removal of whatever types of furniture, from couches to old refrigerators. No matter the type of item, we’ll make sure that it is suitably disposed of, in the least harmful ways.

Other Junk Removal
If you have anything else at all lying around on your lot, you can bet we will be glad to get rid of it for you. Whether it is just the trash that you have collected from clearing out a space, leftover construction materials or even junk appliances, that have been leftover. Whatever it is, we can promise you that we will have it removed quickly and cleared away in the most responsible manner.

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