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About Our Business

professional junk liberation expert

At Portland Junk Liberation, the number one source of junk removal and waste hauling services in the city of Portland, we deliver the highest standard of residential and commercial services. For a many number of years now, we have been serving our community with our outstanding junk removal support, displaying our exemplary workmanship. We always produce a fast, efficient and very cost-effective service, which our clients know sets us above the rest. That is why, we are trusted by our clients, right the way across the city and these days, we see our services being needed in Portland, Vancouver and Woodstock. So, if you are looking for the superior level of junk removal services within this area, then you know that we are always going to be your best port of call.

Our hardworking crew of junk removal specialists will be able to support you, with whatever your needs for waste hauling. We always make sure we are going above and beyond, to deliver each and every one of our valued clients with the most tailored service. Every member of our team feels the same high levels of commitment to the job and you can bet that they will always show off our exceeding standards of customer service. We want to be able to liberate every Portland resident from their junk problem, for good. Which is why, we will never deliver any less than the very highest standard of servicing, no matter how big your task.

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