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Portland Junk Liberation

Junk Removal Portland

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    When you start collecting piles of junk and waste, you need to find a way to free yourself from it. Nobody wants their home or their place of work being filled with unwanted and useless items, we all want to be completely liberated of all of the disorder. For that, there is nothing better that you could do, than enlisting the services of a professional team of junk removal experts. And, within the fine city of Portland, OR, that team is going to be ours, at Portland Junk Liberation.

    About Us

    We are the number one source of affordable junk removal services, within the city of Portland. Our hard working and dedicated team work passionately for our local clients, in both the residential and commercial sectors. For a many number of years now, we have been helping our community handle their waste better and we have been finding solutions to obligation towards our environment. Working diligently with our trusted partners, we make sure that we find the ways to deliver our elite service, with the minimum ecological footprint.


    Every one of our services has been designed to fit in with the needs of our clients, as well as with our conscious practices. We aim to be able to help every single Portland resident with their needs for junk and waste removal, always maintaining our usual high standards. We even go to length, to offer more specialized services, to help out with more professional needs. For example, our lot clearing and hoarder services have been the perfect solution to so many unique needs for our clients.

    professional construction remodel debris in progress

    Construction/Remodel Debris

    Following on from any remodeling job or full construction project, there is always some excess material left at the end. No matter whether it is broken concrete, off cuts of wood or a faulty kitchen sink, it needs to be disposed of properly. But that can be an extensive job, given that it is difficult to haul all of it around and only certain waste management plants will be able to accept them. So, it is in your best interests to be working with a professional team, so you know that all of the hard work is being taken care of, for you.

    professional lot clearing in progress

    Lot Clearing

    At the same time, when you are planning a new construction job, there can be some clearing work that needs to be taken care of beforehand. If you have recently purchased a new lot, then you are going to need to have it cleared and prepared, ready for you to build on. And of course, you know you are going to be able to count on us, at Portland Junk Liberation, for just the service you need. We’ll take care of tree and root removal, tire and auto part clearance, trash removal and just about anything else that is going to help.

    “Thanks to the support of Portland Junk Liberation, my home is looking clear and new again. My son had been hoarding for years and I knew it was going to take some professionals to deal with it all. What a difference it made; the results were fantastic. Amazing service, highly recommend.” – Angela R

    Office/Furniture Removal

    When you are changing your office location, you are going to want all of your furniture and supplies being removed. Whether you intend to throw them out or you are going to make use of them again, in your new location, it is always helpful to have some expert support on hand. If you decide that help would be of benefit to you, then we would be more than glad to offer it to you. Our outstanding office clear out and furniture removal services could be everything you need, when you are exiting your old workplace.

    office furniture removal service in progress

    Spaces Clearing

    The same can be said for any commercial or retail space. When you are moving out of your location or needing to take care of a serious clear out, it is always useful to have some expert clear out services on your side. At Portland Junk Liberation, our adept team are more than capable of taking on your task to and outstanding level, no doubt giving you quick and effective results. Just tell us how you need our services being delivered and we will be able to overhaul your space, in just a matter of time.

    commercial retail spaces clearing service

    “Portland Junk Liberation did a really efficient job removing all of the furniture and equipment from my old office. They were very careful when they were packing down all of the computers and took care of all of the rest of the junk. It was a huge help and gave me the peace of mind, that it was being done properly.” – Mark E

    hoarder cleanup service in progress

    Hoarder Cleanup

    Hoarding can turn any house into a dump site. Nobody wants to be sharing their home with piles of junk and a load of old, assorted items. It can make any home feel uncomfortable and just trying to get to every room can be a challenge. So, if you have a hoarder in your life or you know someone who does, you may be interested in our specialist hoarder cleanup service. We can help turn any junk-filled property into a new space, thanks to the experience and commitment of our great team.

    bagster alternative service in progress

    Bagster Alternative

    Many Portland residents make the purchase of a Bagster, without knowing just how much their full service is going to cost. You could end up spending hundreds of dollars, for a service that could have been completed for so much cheaper. Luckily for you though, you know you can always rely on us, for our Bagster alternative service. For a very low price, we will be able to collect your Bagster and haul way the trash, leaving you without any of the hassle.

    “I had no idea how much my Bagster was going to end up costing me. But it was a good thing I found Portland Junk Liberation instead. They gave me a much more affordable price on collection and disposal, much better than Bagster themselves.” – Connor H

    Contact Us Today

    At Portland Junk Liberation, we think our services could be of use to any local resident. And, at his current time, we are able to deliver every single one to the wider Portland area, including Woodstock and Vancouver. So, if you are living in any of these areas and think that one of our services are going to be in your interest, then don’t hesitate to give us a call.